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Your name must be the same as it appears on your passport. If spelling is one letter incorrect to your passport you will not be able to use the exchange order.

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Optional Extras

Bundle & Save - add an additional data sim or limousine bus pass to your JR pass booking and get discounts! (online bookings only)


Overnight / Saturday Delivery *Urgent Only

Delivery service for travelers in urgent need. Please allow minimum of 3 days in advance of your preferred delivery date. (On Thursday for Saturday delivery). Please leave a note on the special request when choosing this option.

*There is a possibility of delay by New Zealand post.

*The fee is $10 per group, so please choose 1 for quantity.

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Pick Up / Delivery Details

- If you are ordering only JR East Passes, please select the Pick-up from Nearest Branch option.
The passes will be emailed to you as electronic vouchers. (JR East pass only)

* Please ensure you pick up your rail passes at least 1 business day prior to departure date (exclude Sat, Sun & public holidays)
** Should you choose "Delivery" and your departure is during the public holiday season or within 1 week, please contact your nearest branch by email or phone.

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