Enjoy walking the streets of Fushimi, lined with sake breweries. You can enjoy tasting some sake. The tour also takes you to the Fushimi-inari Shrine famous for its Senbon Torii (One thousand gateways) painted in red.

Departure 21 Jan - 26 Dec 2019: Mon, Thu
(except 12, 15 Aug 2019)
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B: Breakfast | L: Lunch | D: Dinner

Day 1



Take a taxi and walk to the following. 
Kennon-ji Temple : Visit Kyoto's oldest Zen temple. See elaborately designed gardens and famous cultural properties on site. 
Stroll around Gion district : This district developed as a major hanamachi (entertainment district with maiko girls and geiko women) and still retains the refined and elegant atmosphere of old times. Take a stroll around the area and get a taste of traditional Japanese culture.

Tea Ceremony Experience: After learning about the tea ceremony and observing the tea-serving manner, participants will have the opportunity to enjoy some matcha green tea in a tea ceremony.
Walk around Nishiki Market Tour disbands.

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